Lawsuits and tax audits

  • Supervision of tax audits
  • Objection against tax assessments
  • Conducting lawsuits
  • Individual advisory opinion and second opinion

Advisors working merely as tax consultants frequently focus on finding an agreement with the fiscal authorities. In many cases, these deals may remind you of a bazaar: bazaar: you find bargaining but no sufficient analysis of the individual legal position.
The reason for this may be that many tax consultants are unwilling to doubt the authorities’ legal position; they could even be called submissive to authority. Another reason could be that consultants are reluctant to deal with fiscal procedural law, therefore acquiring little knowledge in the field.

We, in contrast, think differently. Being tax lawyers, we are familiar with the details of procedural law. In addition, we are convinced that prospects of success of an individual legal position before court should be ascertained before seeking an agreement with the fiscal authorities. Only after this first step it can be decided if and – where necessary – under which conditions such an agreement can be achieved.

If this coincides with your point of view, we look forward to assisting you during tax audits, with regard to objection lawsuits and also before court – right up to the German Federal Fiscal Court or the European Court of Justice, where we have already been successful in the past.

If desired, we compile expert statements concerning individual fiscal questions. Such surveys, as “second opinion”, may then be used to corroborate or to verify your tax consultant’s first assessment of a problem. In this context, our legal expertise is of great advantage.