Tax assessment, accountancy and annual financial statements

  • Payroll and financial accounting
  • Annual financial statements and tax declarations
  • Requests for tax refund
  • Subsequent tax declaration (“voluntary disclosure”)

Tax declaration, accountancy and annual financial statements

We attend to the accountancy and prepare the annual financial statements as well as tax declarations for

  • individuals
  • corporations
  • partnerships

for the following types of taxes and purposes:

  • taxes on earnings (income tax, corporation tax, business tax)
  • valued-added tax
  • real estate transfer tax
  • donation and inheritance tax

Applications for tax reimbursement (tax deducted at source)

  • reimbursement of German capital yields or dividend tax for non-resident taxpayers
  • reimbursement of foreign capital yields or dividend tax for resident taxpayers

Procedures of input VAT refunds

  • refund for input VAT levied by EU countries to resident taxpayers
  • refund for input VAT levied in Germany for non-residents from third countries

Subsequent tax declaration (“voluntary disclosure”)

In 2013, about 24,000 taxpayers submitted subsequent tax declarations in order to achieve impunity. In 2014, their numbers rose to 40,000 taxpayers. In these years, we took care of numerous voluntary disclosures, thereby achieving the tax-reducing repatriation of our clients’ assets – and helping clients rest easily again. In many cases, submitting a subsequent tax declaration is essential for succession planning.

With our experience, we can advise you competently and make sure that your subsequent tax declaration has the desired fiscal effect and will not lead to criminal prosecution.