Family business and succession planning

  • Succession planning for individuals and businesses
  • Legal and fiscal advice for family offices
  • Advisory regarding inheritance disputes
  • Establishment of and advice to foundations

In our assignments, we focus on the fiscal and legal optimisation of corporate structures. This includes questions relating to the participation of partners in the business, relating to the business financing and to dividend policies. In addition, when advising family enterprises, it has to be ensured that the business strategy matches the partners’ concerns. In many cases, psychological factors need to be taken into account, too.

With regard to business succession, a number of legal and fiscal requirements need to be considered. It is necessary to fiscally optimise the succession with respect to the donation and inheritance tax, which could include an anticipated inheritance. In addition, increasing internationalisation requires taxpayers to take into account rules of various countries more frequently. With our network of experts, we are able to adequately address these issues and to incorporate them in the process of succession planning. Contact us, we are glad to assist you!

Designing taxation solutions also means to implement them. Frequently, suitable contracts are called for – we will set these contracts up for you. We offer you our advisory services as a “complete package”, therefore we lose no time and energy with coordination. If necessary, we also take care of required notarisation.